Kragani the Unstable

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Location Fire Realm
Rewards icon rewards godfall wiki guide 30px1+1 Skill Point
icon rewards godfall wiki guide 30px15 Valorplate Core
icon rewards godfall wiki guide 30px110 Dragonsteel
icon rewards godfall wiki guide 30px12 Orb of Creation

Kragani the Unstable is a Boss  in GodfallKragani the Unstable can be found at Fire Realm upon acquiring the Fire & Darkness DLC


Kragani the Unstable Description

♦ Not much is known of Kragani's origin or the time before she first encountered Valorians. Captured by Valorian hunters during the Unification, she was pressed into service against the Vargul. It wasn't until Grieves Sunsteel began experimenting on the Flameblood that we'd hear of Kragani again. By infusing her with the essence of multiple spirits of fire, the ancient warbeast became something new an vastly more dangerous. For all her newfound power, Macros could not decide  when to deploy her. He ultimately decided to seal her away until after his ascension. Now she waits in her lair, calling to the other Flameblood.


Kragani the Unstable Information

Kragani the Unstable has a head covered by a heavy armored shell, circle around and strike at the weakpoints on her legs.

Kragani the Unstable's Volcanic Fury phase will end early if you shatter one of her bracers.

 Enter Kragani's lair and defeat the last of Macros's lieutenants. 


Kragani the Unstable Locations & Drops

  • Kragani the Unstable can be found at Fire Realm
  • +1 Skill Point
  • 5 Valorplate Core
  • 10 Dragonsteel
  • 2 Orb of Creation


How to Beat Kragani the Unstable

Kragani the Unstable Boss Guide:

Kragani the unstable has a recurring animalisticc attack pattern that mostly consists of pouncing, clawing and tail whips with the addition of fire. Much likeother bosses, these character will show a short hint to indicate their next move. Players must try to parry each move and repositon themselves through the battle to minimize damage taken and avoid being in his area od damage. Kragain will usually have a short cooldown after every few swies which will give players a window to deal number od attacks.As he lifts his arm or tell, jump back and wait for he cooldown period again and quickly step in range to deal your attack again.  Once in a while he deala a special fire attack that could cause burning and Ignite damage. Players can choose to wait out this glow as to avoid the risk of DoT ignite effects. Continue to try to circle behind him with each attack he deals. Lead him to the rocks in the arena to get him to destroy them and gain more resources.  

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Fire Swipe/Tail Whip: Kragani has a side swipe with his hands and his tail that can leave a trail of fire Evade as he reels brings his arm back before the swipe and reposition.
Forward pounce  Jump back before the pounce or block, and follow up with melle attacks.  
 Short range bite  Circle behind as he makes this attack.
 Disorienting scream  he has a scream that can disorient within range, players are forced to wait it out.
Fireball projectiles: Kragani will spew fireballs upwards from his head once in a while that land within a short  range.  Back up from his fireball range and deal any long range damage. 
Firebeam: Directional fire attack This attack will only deal a line of damage. continue to attack him while avoiding this line



Notes & Trivia

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