Gilden Winter's Call

Legendary Polearm


♦ Whenever you Soulshatter an enemy, unleash a shockwave that deals X Water Damage to enemies in front of you and reveals their weakpoints.


♦ Three Randomized Secondary Effects

Gilden Winter's Call is a Polearm in Godfall. Polearms are two-handed Weapons that provide good reach. All Weapons in Godfall have randomized damage types which can vary between Earth, Fire, Physical, Void, and Water.


This was the last weapon ever made by the legendary godmisths of the Frozen Foundry. During the Thousand Years of War, Macros destroyed the foundry by collapsing tons of ice and snow directly onto the structure. He only spared the handful of survivors because they brought him their masterwork spear as tribute.


Gilden Winter's Call Techniques


Gilden Winter's Call Location 


Gilden Winter's Call Notes & Tips

  • Soulshatter: Defeat an enemy by dealing Soulshatter damage.
  • Weakpoint: Vulnerable spot on the enemy that is revealed after they attack.


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