Gilden Retribution

Legendary Greatsword


♦ Whenever you Soulshatter an enemy, summon a Fire Elemental. Fire Elementals seek out enemies and explode, dealing Fire Damage equal to X% of the Soulshatter Damage dealt.


♦ Three Random Effects

Gilden Retribution is a Greatsword in GodfallGreatswords are massive two-handed Weapons that can devastate Enemies. All Weapons in Godfall have randomized Damage types which can vary between Earth, Fire, Physical, Void and Water.


This brutal fishhooked greatsword formerly known as Executioner originally belonged to Macros. After their triumph over the Vargul, Macros gifted the weapon to his brother. Decades later, on the eve of the battle of the Monolith, Orin would rechristen the blade Retribution.


Gilden Retribution Techniques

Greatswords have a charge bar that fills whenever you hit or are hit by Enemies. You can perform your Weapon Techniques after the first segment of the charge bar is filled. Activating a Weapon Technique will consume the entire charge bar. Each additional segment consumed increases the damage dealt by the technique.

  • Northern Technique - Whirlwind: Launch yourself forward and spin your Greatsword to attack nearby Enemies multiple times.
  • Southern Technique - Great Throw: Throw your Greatsword to deal damage to Enemies in its path. A well-timed throw may also hit Enemies as the Greatsword returns to you.


Gilden Retribution Location 

  • All Weapons can be acquired as random loot from Enemies, Quests and Mission Rewards.


Gilden Retribution Notes & Tips

  • Soulshatter: Defeat an enemy by dealing Soulshatter Damage.
  • Soulshatter Damage: Damage inflicted by consuming Soulshatter Buildup.


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