Cololaba's Legacy

Legendary Amulet
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♦ <Random Primary Amulet Bonus>

♦ <Random Primary Amulet Bonus>


♦ Two randomized secondary effects

Cololaba's Legacy is an Amulet in Godfall. Amulets increase one of the three main Stats (Might, Spirit or Vitality). The player can only equip one Amulet at a time.


Though she was famously small for a Valorian, Cololaba was none-the-less one of Aperion's fiercest explorers. She was known for both the great care she took to protect those around her and for being the first Valorian to set foot in the Fire Realm.


Cololaba's Legacy Location 


Cololaba's Legacy Notes & Tips

  • Cololaba's Legacy rolls two random Primary Amulet bonuses. These bonuses mimic the Primary bonuses of any other Amulet. Other amulet bonuses can be found here.




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