Banners Skill

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Skill Point Cost

Banners Skill is a Skill in Godfall. Banners Skill is a Skill that increases the Banners performance improving Banner Overhealth, Banner charge speed and Banner duration. Skills in Godfall may grant new active or passive abilities. Each Skill can be upgraded up to five times. Each upgrade costs 1 skill point.


Banners Skill Description

This Skill allows the player the ability to increases the Banners performance improving  Banner Overhealth, Banner charge speed and Banner duration. 


Banners Skill Upgrades


Level 1 +5% Banner Overhealth
Level 2 +7% Banner Overhealth
Level 3 +5% Banner charge speed
Level 4 +10% Banner Overhealth
Level 5 +10% Banner duration



Banners Skill Notes

Banners can be placed to grant short term enhancements and other beneficial traits to the player and their nearby allies. A placed banner will only grant their benefits to you and your allies while they are within the banner's area of effect.

Press V to place your Banner and create a Banner Aura. While within the Banner Aura's area of effect, you and your allies gain the following:

  • Additional Overhealth every second.
  • The Primary and Secondary traits of the Banner 



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