Akashim's Fan

Legendary Polearm


+X% Ignite power whenever you hit an enemy that is not afflicted with Ignite.


♦ Three Randomized Secondary Effects

Akashim's Fan is a Polearm in Godfall. Polearms are two-handed Weapons that provide good reach. All Weapons in Godfall have randomized damage types which can vary between Earth, Fire, Physical, Void, and Water.


This style of polearm was a popular weapon among the Vertigo wearers of Koraku. They were named after the Valorian artificer who popularized the use of throwing knives to supplement a knight's primary arnament.


Akashim's Fan Techniques


Akashim's Fan Location 


Akashim's Fan Notes & Tips

  • Ignite: Fire ailment. Deals damage over time quickly.


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