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Skill Point Cost

Ailments is a Skill in Godfall. Ailments is a Skill that increase the chance to inflict Ailments. Skills in Godfall may grant new active or passive abilities. Each Skill can be upgraded up to five times. Each upgrade costs 1 skill point.


Ailments Description

At its first level this Skill allows the player the ability to increase the chance to inflict Ailments. Subsequent upgrades improve even more the chance to inflict Ailments.


Ailments Upgrades


Level 1 +2% change to inflict Ailments.
Level 2 +2% change to inflict Ailments.
Level 3 +15% damage for each Ailment on the enemy.
Level 4 +4% Chance to inflict Ailments.
Level 5 +20% damage for each Ailment on the enemy.



Ailments Notes

  • Notes on this skill go here



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